Thermal Clip-on Sight

The UTAC Series from Nivisys is the latest development of our unity magnification clip-on thermal imager. This compact sight is weapon mounted forward of your day sight without any requirement to re-sight your weapon and allows for fast reaction in rapidly changing combat environments.  

The UTAC provides the operator enhanced surveillance and targeting capability during night and adverse weather conditions.   The UTAC is compatible with ACOG/RCO and many other traditional day sights.  The superior optical design contributes to excellent image quality and the ability to maintain point of aim/point of impact at significant ranges.  The UTAC Series features Nivisys’ Patent Pending “Accu-Zoom” technology, enabling the use of digital zoom in clip on weapon mounted sights with no loss of accuracy. 

The UTAC Series is offered in a variety of resolutions and objective lenses, providing a variety of fields of view and target detection ranges.  The UTAC Series models include image capture to an internal memory and review of still images on the internal micro-display. Video and still images may be downloaded and captured to a SD card using our optional Audio Visual Kit.


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