Thermal Acquisition Clip-on System - Miniature

The Miniature Thermal Acquisition Clip-On System (TACS-M) provides the soldier with ultimate performance in  technology.  Low power consumption, optimal sensor technology, and high-performance optics all seamlessly integrate to provide state of the art long wave infrared (LWIR) technology.

When added to a standard image intensified system, TACS-M provides a second channel with LWIR capability, extending engagement capabilities through obscurants.  The TACS-M unit along with Nivisys experience and expertise provides the best value solution for adding low light and no light performance to currently fielded night vision systems.

The unit’s waterproof and rugged construction stands up to the harshest environments and features a red display for visual security.  This multi-purpose surveillance tool uses the latest in miniature thermal sensor technology and a high resolution display to provide superior imagery in the smallest package  available.

  • LightWeight
  • Seamlessly Adds Thermal to Image Intensified Devices
  • Easy Operation
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged Design
  • Mini-thermal Technology


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