Audio Visual Kit (for UTAC, TAWS, UTAM, TAG)

Nivisys customers have long awaited the capability to view and record the images they are seeing  on an external device. The new Audio Visual Kit (AVK) provides these capabilities for the complete range of Nivisys 2014 Thermal Systems. The AVK allows for Three Sub-level kits are also available to provide more specific interface capabilities.


The VPDM kit provides the basic Video out to an external monitor, heads-up display or recording device, as well as the ability to power the Thermal System from an external DC supply in the 3VDC to 28VDC range, such as an AC/DC wall mounted power supply, external battery pack, or a suitable USB power source.


The DVR Kit provides a compact digital video recording, with live video display, still image capture, remote control capability and much more. The DVR kit comes with a full complement of cables, power supply for internal battery charging, and user documentation. 


The XBAT kit provides a substantial increase in run time to greater than 15 hours when auxiliary power is not available. A wall-mounted power  supply is provided to re-charge the battery pack.


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