Night Vision Aviator Goggle

The NVAG-6 goggles are available with a range of image intensifier tube performance levels. These specifications combine to offer significantly improved performance for the user, regardless of the light levels. 

The 27mm eye-relief eyepieces consistently provide high quality imagery regardless of eyepiece positioning. Most importantly, they ensure that all air crew members retain the full 40 degree field of view, even those who wear prescription corrective lenses. The binocular also provides individual interpupillary adjustment. This simplifies the task of centering the eyepiece to each eye. To maximize viewing and comfort, the NVAG also features a fore /aft adjustment over a range of 27mm and a tilt adjustment over a range of 10 degrees.

The NVAG-6 user adjustments have a very firm feel. Made of solid aluminum construction the interpupillary, fore and aft, and tilt adjustments on the mount, give the user confidence in the system and minimize adjustment time. The system itself has adjustable 25mm eye-relief eyepieces, and objective lenses with minus blue filters.

The system has been designed to meet stringent MIL-SPEC requirements by undergoing tests for EMI, high humidity, high altitude, vibration, salt fog, temperature range, and others. In addition, Nivisys performs complete system “A” tests and provides this data and a Certificate of Conformance with every unit.

  • High Resolution Image Intensifier for Sharper Image
  • Higher Gain
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Individual Interpupillary Distance Adjustment
  • 27mm Eye-Relief
  • Low Distortion Output Optics
  • Compatible with All Helmets
  • Compatible with Visors
  • Class A, B or C Objective Lens Coatings Available
  • Rugged Aluminum Construction


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