Spare Parts

Nivisys, LLC carries a limited supply of spare parts to support current products and products reaching the end of their life cycle.  Nivisys does not carry parts that are not on this webiste.  


3X Afocal Lens (PVS-7, PVS-14 compatible)

3X Magnifier Lens for the PVS-7 and PVS-14

Head Mount Assembly

PN: A3144268

Shuttered Eye Guard

PN: A3256345

Neck Cord

PN: A3144306

Green Shoulder Strap

PN: A3144267

Large Brow Pad

PN: A3144436

Small Brow Pad

PN: A3144280

Medium Brow Pad

PN: A3144435

PVS-7 Demist Shield

PN: A3144263

Open Eyecup Assembly

PN: A3144422

International Traffic in Arms Regulations

The hardware viewed on this website may be subject to export control under the jurisdiction of either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and unauthorized exportation is prohibited.

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