Advanced Tactical Illuminating Laser Aimer

The ATILLA-200 is a covert infrared (IR) twin-laser aimer and illuminator for individual or crew-served weapons. The user may adjust ATILLA’s beam intensity to best suit the lighting condition, target contrast and range. The projected aiming beam may be selected as steady, fast or slow pulsing modes and a selectable illuminator provides a covert augmenting light for night vision operations in extremely dark environments.

In addition, the powerful illuminator beam can be narrowed to provide a target or point of interest to other NVG equipped personnel. The unique design of the ATILLA-200 ensures continued operation under heavy recoil.

The ATILLA-200 features: multiple aimer and illuminator mode selections, separate variable output power on aimer and illuminator and fail-safe/eye-safe training switches. Windage and elevation adjustments are designed with tactile feedback for every click. The ATILLA-200 also features an integrated MIL-STD-1913 mount system. 


  • Multiple Aimer and Illuminator Mode Selections
  • Separate Variable Output Power on Visible Aimer and IR Illuminator/Aimer
  • Fail Safe And Eye Safe Training Switches
  • Low Battery and Laser On Indicators
  • Integrated MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) Mount System
  • Local and Remote Interchangeable Power Switches
  • Switches are Easily Discernible In Low Light or with NVGs



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