Commercial Exportable Mini-Monocular (LESS IMAGE TUBE)


The MUM-14 is offered to in a Kit configuration without an image intensifier tube.  It is a high performance modular, hand-held passive night vision monocular device that utilizes a single Generation II/III intensifier tube to provide crisp, clear images under the darkest conditions. The MUM-14 maximizes the ability of the user to operate under a wide range of low light conditions and maintain maximum situational awareness.

When fitted with a quality image tube, the MUM-14 gives you a high performance 2nd or 3rd generation system in the smallest, toughest package available.  The MUM-14 has the ability to be weapon mounted, head/helmet mounted, hand-held, optionally attached to cameras and extender 3x/5x Afocal objective lenses.  Also available is the dual-system head/helmet mount that allows two MUM-14’s to become one binocular system.



  • Multi Use Monocular Assembly (LESS IMAGE TUBE)
  • Swing Arm Interface
  • Weapon Mount
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Battery Adapter
  • Neck Cord
  • Objective Lens Cap
  • Sacrificial Filter
  • Batteries (AA and CR123)
  • Lens Tissue
  • Demist Shield
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Eyecup Assembly
  • Operator Manual 
  • Head Mount Assembly with pads



International Traffic in Arms Regulations

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