Nivisys Announces ACCU-ZOOM



Shot Show 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada

Jan 15th, 2013





Nivisys, LLC of Tempe Arizona is also pleased to announce the incorporation of “Accu-Zoom”, a new capability for improving the accuracy of digital imaging clip-on sights. Existing clip-on sights can suffer from inaccuracies caused by weapon rail and mount systems that degrade accuracy when the clip-on sight is used in the “zoomed” mode. The Nivisys “Accu-Zoom” feature allows the user to perform a simple and effective calibration of the zoom system that is permanently stored in the system memory.  This critical step eliminates inaccuracies and will provide more shots on target at greater ranges. The zoom calibration is performed on initial installation of the clip-on sight to the weapon and is performed without the need to acquire a target or fire any rounds.

Director of Engineering Roland Morley states: “The 1X Clip-on Sight has become a favored solution to 24hr target acquisition and weapon firing on small-bore weapons.  Accuracy is built in at the factory for the 1X mode, but until now accuracy has been degraded when the 2X or higher electronic zoom is used. This “Accu-Zoom” allows the full accuracy to be preserved for all viewing modes.”

The “Accu-Zoom” feature is currently US patent pending and is incorporated today into all current and planned thermal clip-on sights: UTAC-32M, UTAC-32L, UTAC-64M and UTAC-64L and UTAC-16cS