Night Vision Aviator Goggle

The NVAG-9 consists of a lightweight binocular, which can be mounted to a variety of helmets using the mounting adapter. Simple to operate, the system is powered by a dual-compartment battery pack that provides the pilot with immediate reserve power. The power pack uses AA alkaline batteries (provided).

The NVAG-9 goggles are equipped with US-made Generation 3 image intensifiers which incorporate Auto-Gating Technology. These image tubes offer the highest user performance level available at all light levels. Non auto-gated tubes are also available. The 25mm eye-relief eyepieces consistently provide high quality imagery regardless of exact eyepiece positioning. Most importantly, they ensure that all air crew members retain the full 40° field of view, even those who wear prescription corrective lenses. The binocular also provides individual interpupillary adjustment. This simplifies the task of centering the eyepiece to each eye. To maximize viewing and comfort, the NVAG-9 also features a fore /aft adjustment over a range of 27mm and a tilt adjustment over a range
of 10 degrees.


  • Helmet Mount
    Flip-Up style.

  • Quick Disconnect
    Attaches NVAG to visor / helmet.

  • NVAG Adjustments
    Fully adjustable tilt, vinterpupillary, vertical, fore and aft.


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