PVS 7 B/D Goggle (SN: 479064)

Night Vision Goggle

$ 0.00 $ 2,200.00

Generation 3 intensifier tube
Screen quality: excellent, military spec.
Figure of Merit (FOM): 2000

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One year warranty/ 15 day money back guaranty

The system has a built-in IR Illuminator for no light operations and a highlight cut-off sensor to protect the image intensifier in case of extended exposure to high light conditions. The PVS-7B/D is a completely MIL-SPEC system that has been ruggedized and waterproofed for harsh environments.

Made to be head/helmet mounted the PVS-7B/D is extremely lightweight adding to user comfort for long missions. Using one hand, the PVS-7B/D can be dismounted quickly. The unit uses two standard AA batteries that will provide a minimum of 40 hours of continuous operation. Optional 3X and 5X magnifier lenses are available to increase the range of the goggle for long distance observations.



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